Thursday, July 17, 2014

Catching Up...Homer, Seldovia, and Ninilchik Alaska

We made an appointment with a mechanic to work on our generator when we would be coming back through Soldatna.  So, we departed Soldatna heading for Homer.  Fishing was on our To Do List.  The trip down was fine with a few moose spottings.  Homer was a fun place.  Campground was tight but it was in town.  The spit is where most of the action is because it has a large harbor.  Great restaurants.

Sea Otters are so cute.  They were out and about in the Seldovia Harbor.
Homer Spit.  Scenery from atop a ridge is just gorgeous.
Seldovia Harbor which we had to take a ferry to get to.
This Juvenile Bald Eagle amazed me.  He was in a cottonwood tree stripping the leaves off the twigs.  Then he would rub his face in the leaves.  They have huge feathers as juveniles before molting into adult feathers which are smaller.
Gary and I went on an 8 pack Halibut fishing charter.  We could only catch 2.  This was my first.
These are not all mine.  Great day for fishing.  Water was calm but fish were not abundant.

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