Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cooper Landing.....What a great spot to camp.....Alaska

We were lucky.  The generator problem was only a broken hose.  Fixed within an hour.  We left Soldatna and headed back east for about 70 miles to Cooper Landing.  We camped at a lovely Forest Service Campground.  Only problem was lots of tree scratches on side of coach.  Hope a good wax will get rid of them.  Had lots of fun with Floy and Gary as we knew this was where we would say goodbye.  They needed to get back to FL before us so off they went after 2 days.

The Carmichael Brothers on a hike to Russian River Falls in Cooper Landing.
Russian River Falls
Look carefully and you will see the salmon trying to jump up the falls.
On another hike down by the Russian River, we ran into this guy who was dragging his freshly caught salmon back to his truck.
We had a great time rafting down the Kenai River.  Our guide Christie was a superb rower.
This is Fly Bob who is a Fly Fishing Guide.  While we were standing there he instructed his client where to land his line and as soon as the guy followed his instructions, a rainbow trout was caught.
We saw between 20 and 30 eagles on our trip down the river.
And, with much regret we had to say adios to our amigos Floy and Gary.  What a special time with you guys.  I already miss Gary's planning.  Now I have to do it!

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