Friday, July 11, 2014

Finally, The Kenai Peninsula. Soldatna and Kenai City

When we left Turnagin Pass where we camped, we headed across the Sterling Highway to Soldatna and boondocked the first night at Myers.  They actually have an area outside their business for RVs to park.  Mind you, there is a method to their madness because the four of us spent lots of bucks in the store.  Unfortunately, we developed a problem with our generator and have made an appointment with a mechanic to work on it Monday as we go back through Soldatna.  We left Soldatna and spent 3 nights in Kenai City over the 4th of July.  Nice little town.
I think this is a Common Redpoll.  Such an unusual bird.
This is around 2 pm and the fishing boats were all racing out of the inlet because it had been so rainy all morning.  Remember, it doesn't get dark but for a few hours.
Russian Orthodox Church in Kenai City.
This could be a Savannah Sparrow.
Alaska has tons of beautiful wildflowers.
I spotted these moose early one morning while out birding.  It is no wonder that so many are killed on the roads.  They feed so close and imagine winter when it is dark so much of the 24 hour day.
View down the hill from our campground in Kenai.
Gary, Floy, Bob and I had a really nice Fourth of July.  The only problem was that fireworks weren't a big deal.  Reason being that there is very little darkness.

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