Friday, July 25, 2014

Fjords Trip out of Seward AK! Great Trip.

We took the Kenai Fjords Boat Tour out of Seward and it was absolutely fantastic.  I loved every minute of it but Bob thought he would have preferred a 4 hour tour instead of a 6 hour one.  The captain was very knowledgeable and took all the time we needed to get close up to wildlife as well as the glaciers.  What a day.  One of my favorites on the trip.  We followed this up with a great meal at Ray's, best seafood pasta ever, and found a wonderful cafe for fish lunches.  Yummy.....Continuing to eat my way across AK.  It must stop soon.

We couldn't have asked for a better day to do the Fjords trip.  There were lots of fishing boats as we were going out to sea.
Here we are on one of the "Slow Boat Breaks".
I think this is a Common Murre and a Guillemot.
Dall's Porpoises.  There were three or four of them and they would romp beside the boat on one side for awhile then swim under it and entertain the passengers on the other side.
Note the melting ice from the glacier.  We went in close and could hear the constant breaking of the ice.  Sounded like thunder or a loud gunshot.  
One of the many beautiful scenes on our trip.  Alaska is breathtaking.
This Humpback stayed close to the surface for a good while.  Then he took a dive.
These guys were enjoying themselves sunbathing.  I'm sure they were saying, "Thank goodness we finally have a sunny day!"

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